Why Do So Many Great Artists Die Young?

Bob-MarleyIn the hit series Supernatural, there is a reference made to the idea that some of the worlds most successful people die at a young age because they made a deal for fame and success in exchange for their soul. Given the amount of extremely talented musicians that have died over the years far too young, I am starting to give a little credence to the theory!

Some put it down to the high life that they all lead, with the various tours and the toxins that they put into their body certainly having an effect on them. Some of them are crippled by alcohol and drug addiction, some have died in horrible accidents. But even today, several of the old guard from the 70s and 80s still perform to the highest standard, despite leading lives of serious inebriation and partying – so how come some of our greatest have faded away far too young, while others continue to burn so brightly today?

What about Bob Marley, how did he die? In the case of Reggae god Bob Marley, it would be hard to blame the effects of alcohol on his death. He famously told a court judge, when asked why he had a large amount of marijuana in his possession, that “he did not drink” so I think we can rule out alcohol addiction playing a part in his untimely death.

There are many examples of musical geniuses, unfortunately some of the most talented of their generation, dying at obscenely young ages. For example, Buddy Holly was killed in a tragic aircraft accident aged only 22. On that same plane was Ritchies Valens who was just 17 at the time.

One of the most famous other than Bob Marley is that of Jimi Hendrix. Aged the famous 27 –a ”popular” age for death in famous musicians – with reports that he either choked on his own vomit, or took nine sleeping pills. It is still unknown to this day what really happened to Hendrix.

Next would have to be Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Again aged 27, he committed suicide with a shotgun in one of the most tragic incidents in modern music. The mega talented vocalist had changed the entire face of music, opening the world up to grunge, and he was a huge loss to the music world.

Amy Winehouse, Lynyrd Skynyrd, we could go on forever. All of these mega talented stars enjoyed brief but explosive careers, and all suffered from various different issues in life. Although no single tie connects them all, it is strange to see so many talented young people fade away at the peak of their powers although many still point to drug addiction and mental problems with many of the deaths, it simply cannot be fair to point that finger at these people, as none of us lived their lives. The pressure of being so talented must have taken its toll on many of them.

No matter the cause, every death is a tragedy, and the only positive is that Heaven must have some pretty good nights out.

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