Should You Work Harder or Smarter?

hard workYou definitely should take the time to work smarter; in the long run it will make any task you take on much easier. Whether you are trying to get random things done around the house or you are working towards some task related to your career being more productive is always a good thing. There can often be things holding you back from being that productive though. There’s often a strange phobia of doing more with less that people have set in their minds, pushing them to blindly try to rush through the task without looking for a smarter way to handle the process. You’ll feel as though you aren’t getting enough done and that pressure alone can make it virtually impossible to accomplish anything; a big waste of time but often hard to get away from.

If you find yourself locked up on a project, feeling like you’ve been working on the project for hours and getting nowhere, take a moment to mentally relax and give yourself time for a moment of clarity; perhaps enjoying a cup of tea or a brief walk. Taking a break for a brief period of time will help boost productivity and raise your energy levels as well help you focus on smart solutions to the problems you’ve been working so hard on.

While the strange phobia of doing more with less is a bit hard to get past, remember that determination is your best friend. Start working as efficiently as possible even if you feel uncomfortable. The minute it becomes too much for you to handle take a break, and do something else, anything at all that you enjoy just for a brief period in order to get the energy and focus levels up. Then, before you return to your task, look at how much progress you’ve made and notice that there is nothing for you to be afraid of. Now you can return to your work and as time goes on you’ll get over your irrational fear and worker smarter not harder, the most efficient way to accomplish any task and end your day on a productive note.

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