How To Stay Focused On Tasks

procrastinatingHaving a hard time focusing on tasks is a common problem for the struggling artist. Its easy to focus when things are going well, but when you’re struggling, even doing things you normally love can feel like a challenge.

However, focusing on what you have to do is necessary if you want to succeed at anything in life – from work to family to even your dating life. All your goals hinge on whether or not you complete the tasks necessary in order to achieve them. Why set goals for yourself if you won’t even achieve them?

The fact is that staying focused on tasks can be a hard thing to do at times. Here are some ways that you can help you stay focused on tasks.

  • Tell yourself that you “have to do this.” Don’t make it a maybe. Don’t say you’ll do it later. Say you have to do it, and that you have to do it NOW. Disciplining yourself can be a very important tool in making yourself a focused individual.
  • Reward yourself for a job well done. Make every hard-to-focus on task an important one that needs to be rewarded. You’ll find yourself to be less stressed and more focused this way.
  • Remind yourself of your goals, and how that task pertains to them. We all sometime lose sight of your goals. Reminding yourself of said goals can help you actually achieve your goals.
  • Take certain words out of your vocabulary. Avoid saying words and phrases like “later” or “maybe” or “not right now”. These kinds of words are the ones that are most likely to cause you to stray from the task at hand, to procrastinate, and also to get lazy.
  • Just do it. Sometimes, you need to take a page from the advertising campaign of Nike. Just do the task. It won’t kill you, will it?

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